Lost Lands Net

Services - (Standard Hosting Plan Pricing)

Lost Lands offers a wide variety of Internet and Technology related services, from collocated hosting and web site construction to customized hardware design, software installation and instruction.

Web Hosting: (East Coast, West Coast & Japan)
Business Hosting – Full service Collocation and Virtual Hosting.
Personal Hosting – Full service Collocation and Virtual Hosting.
HTML Design:
Business Web Site Design – Site Design & Creation, Management and Promotion of same.
Personal Home Page Design – Site Design & Creation.
Graphic Design:
Business – Custom Web Graphics, Banners, Logos, T-shirts, Promotional Graphics & More...
Personal – Custom Web Graphics, Picture Conversion & Scanning, Banners, etc.
Internet Consulting:
Business – Internet Business Startup, Adult Services, Chat services, Advertising, etc.
Personal – Internet use, application support and tutoring..
Network Consulting:
Business – Setup and Deployment, Wireless. Firewalls, Bandwidth needs, Hardware (network & computer), etc.
Personal – Home LAN, Shared Internet, Wireless, Firewalls, Hardware, etc.
Security Consulting:
Business – Network and Web Server Security (proxies, firewalls, routing, viruses, etc.).
Personal/Home – Network and Computer Security (proxies, firewalls, routing, viruses, etc.).
Hardware Consulting:
Business – Design & Build Customized Internet, Application and Storage Servers.
Personal/Home – Design & Build Customized Servers and PCs for Internet, Gaming, Home Business.